List án landamæra / Art with out borders

List án landamæra / Art with out borders 

List án landamæra is an annual art festival in Iceland. It aims to promote the art of people with disabilities and to facilitate cooperation between people with and with out disabilities. Different parties work together on various art projects and to say the least, with great results in the past. This has led to greater understanding between people for the greater good for the whole community.

The festival has been held since 2003 and the number of participants and viewers has grown each year. In 2008 the festival consisted of over 30 events and projects. Fine art, arts and craft, theatre, music, dance and performances. Including a big exhibition from Finnish artists in the Nordic house in Reykjavík.

The festivals associates are: Fjölmennt, fullorðinsfræðsla fatlaðra, Átak, félag fólks með þroskahömlun, Hitt húsið, Öryrkjabandalag Íslands and Landssamtökin Þroskahjálp. These parties have, in co-operation with various groups, started this powerful festival which has made it's mark in the Icelandic cultural flora and broken down various barriers.


Next spring 2009 the Festival is planned to be held from April 22, to early May. It will mostly be held in the capital Reykjavík, but also  around the country in Akureyri, Borgarnes, Reykjanesbær, Selfoss, Vestmannaeyjar and Egilsstaðir.

In order to facilitate greater participation, events are organized in large and small, common and privat, spaces and accommodations.

We hope to build a cooperation between Iceland and the other Nordic countries in this field. Nordic people with disabilities have fewer oppertunities then others in bringing their art forward and exhibiting it in a common Nordic venue. The connection between Iceland and the Nordic countries in this matter is precious and it may open oppurtunities for Icelandic artists with disabilities to exhibit in other countries of the world. Our hope is that this cooperation will reach all the Nordic countries in the following years. Art of people with disabilities is seldom exhibited in Iceland, so the value of getting a foreign show to our festival is very important. Just as it is important to show foreign artist in our bigger galleries for the Icelandic culture all together.

Best regards, on behalf of List án landamæra,
Margrét M. Norðdahl.
Tel.: 00354- 691-8756

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